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Coming Together to Celebrate Cambodia

April is a special month for the Cambodian community. It is Genocide Awareness and Prevention month. As many of you know, from 1975-1979, over 2 million Cambodians were killed under the Khmer Rouge regime led by Pol Pot. Most of the elders, intellects, and visionaries were executed during this time. Nearly a quarter of the country’s population was wiped out.

It has been a painful few decades for the Cambodian community since that tragic event. Many suffered from PTSD, had no money, and knew little/no English. Progress hasn’t been easy but we are trying to strengthen the community one day at a time. This year, I’m so delighted to connect and highlight 43 Cambodian business owners/influencers to kick off our Cambodian New Year celebration.

Please show these Khmer business owners/influencers some love by:

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We are so delighted to see so many Cambodian leaders come together to celebrate and acknowledge our beautiful culture. Big shoutout to these Cambodian trailblazer