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Bringing the Cambodian Community Together

Cambodia in the 1970s

The darkness under the Khmer Rouge was never more apparent than during the 1970s when the highly autocratic, totalitarian, xenophobic, paranoid, and repressive regime began making a violent push towards an agrarian republic. Millions of Cambodians’ lives were turned upside down. Cities were emptied. Labor camps were opened. Nearly a quarter of the country’s population became victims in the countryside where mass executions, forced labor, physical abuse, malnutrition, and disease were the new normal. The crimes against humanity committed during the genocide affected generations of Cambodians. Those who were able to escape became refugees, often seeking safety in neighboring countries. The stories of hardship and survival for these families are devastating and unique.

Shared Experiences

Extraordinary experiences and circumstances can bond a group together. The trauma of Cambodia’s past for those who had to leave their homes to flee, or for those who lost loved ones at the hands of the Khmer Rouge, has inadvertently formed a global community. Camb from Nothing seeks to provide a space for Asians to share stories of survival and resilience, and inspire one another. The mission at Camb from Nothing is to build an online community for Cambodians to engage in conversations, shop Cambodian-inspired merchandise, and support Cambodian businesses.

Finding an Online Community

The benefits of finding a community online to connect with are immeasurable. The opportunity to share stories, engage in meaningful conversations and leave a legacy for your family is possible on Camb from Nothing. We invite you to invest time with a purposeful mindset and seize the opportunity to engage with other Asians globally with similar shared experiences. We aim to provide a powerful online community platform for Cambodians around the globe. For many Cambodian families, healing from generations of ancestral trauma and racism is still very real. We are committed to driving meaningful change and supporting Cambodians in emotional, mental, and financial support. Great online communities are built for engagement and empowered communal support. We invite you to join us and participate in our conversations on Camb from Nothing. There is a community of Cambodians waiting for you.


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