Khmer Pride: The Faces Behind Cambodian Businesses

Cambodian New Year ("Chaul Chnam Thmey" in Khmer) is the celebration of the solar new year and is the most important celebration of the year. The celebration lasts for several days with many festivities that include traditional Cambodian food and drinks, prayers, parades and parties. Chaul Chnam Thmey is a precious time for Cambodians to gather with family, friends, and their community. With the pandemic and ongoing social unrest around anti-asian rhetoric, it's incredibly important to reconnect with your loved ones. At Camb From Nothing, we are also encouraging the Cambodian community to come together to heal from all of the recent events and celebrate the victories and triumphs of our local Cambodian businesses and influencers.

In our latest video, over 45 Cambodian-owned businesses and influencers came together to share their love for Cambodia's culture and heritage. Tune in to see the faces behind your favorite khmer brands. Please follow and support these