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In The Darkness, Be The Light - Understanding the Colors Behind Camb From Nothing

My heart aches with the continued series of violent crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. What makes it worse is that we are seeing our elderly being attacked senselessly due to the long, racist, and xenophobic rhetoric against Asians. Our communities are traumatized, afraid, and outraged during these unsettling times. The number of hate crimes against Asians continue to rise, despite our repeated pleas for help. This is especially heartbreaking for our Cambodian elders as they had already endured and survived so much trauma from the Khmer Rouge regime just a few decades ago. It saddens me deeply that once again, they are living with fear.

In times of darkness, our community needs to come together. I believe that our strength is in unity, not division. Camb From Nothing aims to build a community of like-minded individuals to encourage meaningful and healthy conversations while supporting each other’s personal and professional growth. The mission and intention of Camb From Nothing can be better understood by the brand’s color palette. The inspiration for the simple colors were driven from two main concepts: light and dark. The symbolism of the colors embodies the vision Camb From Nothing has for the online Cambodian community. Below, we explore why I chose the colors for the Camb From Nothing brand and hope they connect with you as well.

Understanding the colors behind the Camb From Nothing brand
In The Darkness, Be The Light


The color black is often associated with darkness, sadness, and distress. There is no sugar coating the tragic darkness our Cambodian community has experienced. Whether your family are first generation Cambodian-Americans or native Cambodians who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide, there is no question about how dark or sad our past has been.

At the same time, however, black conveys power. It is a bold color that perpetually stands out and is incredibly powerful. Black symbolizes strength, confidence, and protection. This color resonates with Camb’s From Nothing’s mission: to inspire and empower our communities to be great and to rise above all of the adversity.

Gold & Yellow

Gold is a popular metal in Cambodia. If you are from Cambodia or have traveled to Cambodia, you will notice the many monuments and sculptures that are designed from Cambodian gold. If you have been to Cambodian weddings, you’ll likely remember the many beautiful and extravagant wedding outfits lavished with gold jewelry. Many Cambodian families appreciate their gold Cambodian pendants, necklaces, or bangles that represents more than just a fashion statement. Gold is symbolic of Cambodia's culture and rich history.

The hints of yellow throughout the brand's logo, texts, and art represent light in the darkness. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum and symbolizes optimism, courage, hope, happiness, and creativity. These are all traits that I hope to inspire and encourage within our khmer community.

My goal is to foster a safe online community where you can connect and grow and experience a sense of community with others just like you. Camb from Nothing seeks to be a place where families can relate to one another and share stories of survival and resilience. In today’s environment, I urge us to come together. We need each other now more than ever. We will get through the darkness together.

In the next post, I will share the deeper meaning behind the simple yet meaningful Cambodian palm trees logo. Stay tuned. For more updates from the Camb From Nothing community, subscribe to our newsletter.

Until next time, please stay safe and well.

Niza Oun-Nguyen, Founder

Camb From Nothing


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