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The Deeper Meaning Behind the Camb From Nothing Logo

The importance of a good logo that resonates with a group of people cannot be overstated. When it came time to develop the logo for Camb From Nothing, we drew inspiration from two main subjects: family and the sugar palm tree. The symbolism of the logo embodies the vision we have for our online Cambodian community. Below we explore why we chose these two symbols and how we hope they resonate with you as well.

Sugar Palm Tree

The sugar palm tree is the visual focal point of the Camb from Nothing logo and this is not on accident. As a national icon of Cambodia, it is a staple across the country and extremely recognizable to those familiar with the country. More crucial, the sugar palm tree, or skor t'not, plays an essential role in the daily lives and economy of Cambodia. Harvesting the sugar palm tree provides income and shelter, even protection for many.

Sugar Palm Trees in Cambodia
Sugar Palm Trees in Cambodia

Each part of the sugar palm tree is useful in its own unique but equally significant way. This is symbolic of the way we as individuals take part in the Camb from Nothing online community. Whether you are the leaves or fruit, the timber or the flower, we all have a meaningful role to play in the online Cambodian community.

Family and Community

In Cambodian culture, we recognize that family is the cornerstone of community. The three sugar palm trees that make up our logo represent the three children that inspired us to create Camb from Nothing. Family, and especially children, embody growth, durability, beauty and the future. We want to inspire those who join Camb from Nothing to feel a part of our online family.

The three trees in the logo were inspired by the Founder's daughters
Inspiration for the the 3 trees in the logo

Our goal is to foster a safe space where you can connect and grow, and experience a sense of community with others just like you. Camb from Nothing seeks to be a place where families can relate to one another and share stories of survival and resilience. Stories of inspiration from genocide survivors and their families allow us to bridge the past and the present as we try to build a better future for our children.

We hope you will consider joining our community on Camb From Nothing and even feel inspired to share your own story or connect with someone new. Our vast network of Cambodian-owned businesses and Cambodian-inspired merchandise is another great reason to not miss out. For more updates from the Camb From Nothing community, subscribe to our newsletter.

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